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January 14
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Stay with me Page 33 (Fiolee) by Malejaguti Stay with me Page 33 (Fiolee) by Malejaguti




Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz Raichu la plz 

Bueno a partir de la otra semana entro a la universidad a estudiar medicina, así que no podre subir el comic tan seguido como ahora (Seguido, si lo subes como cada año!!)  Incluso desde antes de irme esta página se me hizo muy difícil de hacer… Así que partir de hoy la página se sube cada 3 semanas y dibujos uno que otro… Lo se me odian, pero necesito poner primero mis estudios…

Jamás cancelare este comic así que se me retraso es porque se me complico la cosa, pero no lo cancelare Jamás!!

Bueno, eso era todo! Espero que hayan disfrutado de la página!

Nos leemos después!



 ( All the while speaking Fionna separare so just split it !)

- Well, you admire the view is enough time to start with this ...
- Wherever start ... Because from a week ago ...
Flash Back
- Whaaaa .... My thoughts are confused ! I feel my chest fuller than ever ...
- Even if you ordered , it will be easier no ?
- Ok , let's start at the beginning ...
- First it was the Gumball ... I liked since I was 12 years old, or maybe earlier ! I've always protected and do their missions is fun, but ...
- He has always told me I'm too young for ... And since I go out with Fp do not feel anything, anything ... It's like I had ever tasted and we were just friends ...
- I think I actually ever fall in love of the ... He was right about something , it was just a little girl who did not recognize the love of ... what was that felt by the ... It's more just asked him to leave me because I was angry with Fp and wanted him jealous ...
- So Pb officially ruled you stay on my list ! Next Fp !
- He has the same age as me and I liked since I met thanks to Cake , I even like his way of being something violent and erratic ...
- Being with him is fun, and forgive me if I lied to attack the United cream ... I also like to destroy things ...
- Ha ... But some time that things are not good between us , we spent it fighting all day ! And we never can agree to anything ...
- As if he is no longer interested him more, though I must admit that I too out of the since became the Flame King , what with honesty and stuff ...
- Nothing is as before, and it's like that ... Magic! They had lost ... I think now is more 're not even dating from the last fight he made ​​it very clear ...
- So for now stay Flame Prince also ruled ..
- I think this is better ... we could just be friends and have fun together , but without the complicated relationship ... Well , finally this ...
- ... Marshall , he has been a great friend since I met him ... whenever I 'm with care, and it is good ... or at least when I'm with ...
- It's fun to go out with him , and when we are adventurous , I always listen and know what you like, well I think it's Cute ...
- NO, No, no, no, no, no, no, no ! Fiona , no berries out there , concentrate !
- Marshall is your friend! Bothers you, makes you jokes, gets you into trouble , gets to your house, get your things , fights with Cake ... And, and, and ...
- It's nice and funny, never to forgot an important date for me , is always willing to do anything with me and help me at all ...
- Always try to make me laugh , and revives me when I'm sad , I listen when I need it and I am comforted in difficult times ... and ... well ...
- I think it's the person that I'm falling !
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Marcy2102 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  New member
Yo no lloro por tonterías. 5 minutos después de leer esto . . . bua bua es tan tan tan lindo
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La virgen (?)
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yay ya te diste cuenta x3 
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creo que muero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >-<
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jajajjajjaja te lo dije!!!!...definitivamente esta genial este com....íLOS VAMPIROS SON LA HONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...(nota: no tanto como maquina de guerra heeeeeeeeee :) )
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Suerte con tus estudios
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♥ ♥ Si Te Giña EL ojo ................. te kiere Conqistar ♥ ♥ 
♥ ♥ Si Te Mira Mucho ............... .. No podria Vivir Sin Ti ... ♥ ♥
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♥ ♥ Si Te Acaricia El Pelo .............. Esta loco de amor por ti ♥ ♥
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♥ ♥ Si Te Aprieta La Mano ............. Gusta De Ti ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Si Se Despide Despacio ........ . .... No Te podria Dejar ir ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Si Te Kiere Conocer ................. Busca Tu Amor ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Si Te Mira de reojo ........ ......... No podria Dejarte ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Si Suelta Una Lagrima ............ This Triste Muy ♥ ♥ 
Ahora Pide Un Deseo! ♥ ♥ 
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